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Keely Graesser
23 April 1980
My name is Kimberly "Keely" Graesser (call me Keely, everyone does!) and I own Flying-dreams.com. I love The Secret of Nimh, The Lord of the Rings (which I've liked since BEFORE the movies), Firefly & Serenity, Farscape, The Princess Bride, giraffes and web and graphic design. I speak some German (3 years in high school, 1 semester in college) and have been to Germany twice and I've had a webpage since I was 17 & started out here. I also played the Baritone in junior high & high school band.

    I am 28 and married to a wonderful man named Mike (go to see pictures here). I went to college at Sam Houston State University where I got a degree in Multimedia Authoring and Communication (web design). Mike and I were very active at the Baptist Student Ministry in college, In fact Mike was the co-president for a year and I also did all of the media and advertising(including creating the webpage). I'm now waiting to become a stay-at-home mom once Peter comes along in June :)

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